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Neapolitan Pisto


– 15g Cinnamon

– 5g Pepper

– 5g Nutmeg

– 2g Cloves

Optional ingredients:

– 5g Star Anise

– 3g Coriander Seeds

– 3g Fennel Seeds

– Paprika a pinch

Put all the ingredients in a pan or double-bottomed saucepan and let them toast for about 2 minutes over very low heat.

The procedure is exactly like the method of toasting rice before risotto.

When, resting the palm of the hand on the ingredients, they will be hot, the time has come to put out the fire and start pounding.

For this operation we recommend the use of a mortar; but, if you don't have one, you can also use a coffee grinder like the one on the electric blender.

If you use a mortar, add the cinnamon first, pound and then all the other ingredients.

The result will be a very fine powder to use in any recipe we want.

In the case of a blender or an electric coffee grinder, put all the ingredients together and grind until you get the same result.

We at In Cucina Con Ale&Giù recommend adding star anise, coriander seeds, fennel seeds and a pinch of paprika in the recommended doses.

But of course you can, as usual, give vent to your fantasies by adding ingredients and trying.

So, enjoy and let us know your opinion.

Greetings from Ale&Giù!

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