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Egg and Mayo cold pie

10 Minutes

2 Servings

Egg and Mayo cold pie


In a container grate the eggs, the lemon zest and mix with all the rest of the ingredients but cherry tomato and olives pate.
Seasoning it.

In a plate, put a biscuit cutter than put the mix in it filling the cutter in half.

With a very sharp knife cut the cherry tomato in very thin slices.
Put the slices on the top of the pie.
Take off the biscuit cutter.
Finish adding a quenelle of pate and a mini basil leaf on the top.


  • 2 hard boiled eggs

  • Mayo 50g

  • Lemon zest of half lemon

  • Salt and pepper qb

  • Parsley 2g

  • Olives patè

  • 1 Cherry tomato


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