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Tuna cake


2 Servings

Tuna cake


Put the hemp seeds in a pan and toast them in a convection oven for about 5 minutes at 180 ° C.

In another container mix all the ingredients except the hemp seeds and the caviar.

Put the tuna in a round pasta cutter and fill it to about half of its height. When the seeds are toasted and have reached the color you want, sprinkle them evenly on the tuna pie.

Remove the pastry cutter and garnish with a touch of caviar and a basil leaf.


  • Tuna 200g

  • Mayo 30g

  • Ketchup 5g

  • Vanilla 1/2 pod

  • Honey 1g

  • Soy sauce  25ml

  • Almond flour 70g

  • Hemp seeds to taste to cover

  • Caviar to taste


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