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Carbonara pasta

15 min

2 servings

Carbonara pasta


-Mix eggs and Pecorino cheese.
- Get ready with the Guanciale (Pork jowl)


- 4 eggs (2 whole eggs - 2 egg yolk)  

- 100g pork jowl  

- 70g Pecorino Romano cheese  

- salt   

- Fresh crushed black pepper  

- Linguine pasta  

- 25 ml sunflower oil  

- 1 table spoon of olive oil

Put a pot of salted water on to boil for cooking the pasta.

In the meantime that the water reaches the boiling point, put the Guanciale(Pork jowl) cut into strips in a pan with just a spoonful of oil and let it brown slowly.

In the meantime that the Guanciale(Pork jowl) is cooking, separately mix the eggs with the Pecorino and the pepper to form a cream.

At this point the water will have reached boiling point, so let's start cooking the pasta following the cooking times of the manufacturer.

When the pasta is cooked, drain the cooking water and stir over high heat with the cooked Pork jowl and the egg n' Pecorino cream.

When the pasta and the sauce have reached the desired creaminess, start plating.

See the video recipe by clicking here.


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